Virus and Malware Removal

With cyberspace ever-growing, so are the vulnerabilities that inhabit the internet.  If you have been infected by any virus or malware, we'll remove them for you and help you stay protected.


Web Design

Need a website for your personal or business use? We can get you online with your own personal domain and the latest CMS technology integration.

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Network Integration

Transitioning into a network infrastructure is beneficial for your small business.  It allows for you to expand as your business grows.  We'll implement new systems into your environment or configure your existing systems.

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Graphic Design

With the latest software, we can develop your unique design for your personal or business use.  Our creativity is driven by our passion for the art of graphic design.

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Data Backup or Transfer

Need your data backed up for safe keeping in case you ever need to recover lost data?  Or want to transfer your files to a new computer seamlessly?  We offer data storage and recovery for your PC. 

$1.00 per GB of Data


Computer Literacy Training

Does your business need to improve it's efficiency on utilizing the technology in the work environment?  We provide hands-on training where we can go to your business and provide insight on how to maximize your technology needs.   

$35.00 - $100.00 per hour depending on skills taught. 

Free Consultation

If you are interested in requesting for our technical services, please fill out this quick form for an appointment.  Your inquiries are greatly appreciated.